Manufacture and sale of decks, wheels and trucks of professional use for fingerboarding. 100% Mexican Brand. World wide shipping

Kraken Fingerboards is a 100% Mexican brand officially created on July 17, 2017. We are dedicated to the production, sale and distribution of everything related to the fingerboard.

The idea of this project dates back to mid-2011 when in the search for material (Mainly Ramps and Spots) I realized that here in the country (México) there was very little, besides not having the quality that I was looking for, and bringing material from other countries it was very expensive, so I had to start making them myself. However, it was not until after 6 years that I began to consider the idea of selling everything that I did, since even after having grown the scene in the country, thanks to the support of other existing brands, something else was still needed, something I knew I could contribute …

That’s how I decided to start this project ??