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After a little more than 4 years and approximately 1700 sets of Krk Wheels G2 sold, I thought it was time to do something new.
Although during all this time the G2 had many changes, I focused only on changing the internal design, chemical composition and manufacturing processes, seeking and prioritizing that the visual aspect was kept as intact as possible…
When I created the G2, I made them keeping in mind that I should like them first, in terms of design, shape, hardness and grip. Over time I learned that obviously not everyone is going to like my wheels and that it is normal for them to prefer others. brands with other characteristics, however I have developed quite a few types of wheels unofficially, some of which you may have seen or tested, since I also manufactured them and/or have manufactured products for other brands.
Anyway, all this led me to think about expanding my branch of wheels to offer, and that is why the G-PRO series is now being launched.
Which will consist of 3 completely different models of wheels and whose characteristics, very briefly, will be the following:

GH-PRO: High hardness (85D) and little grip.
G2-PRO: Medium hardness (60D) intermediate grip.
GS-PRO: Low hardness (90A) lots of grip.

The first to be launched will be the GH-PRO, G2-PRO and GS-PRO, which will be released in a couple of months… Actually, all of these wheels (and several other products) I have had ready to publish almost since the middle of last year, however The workload with all the orders I constantly receive has not allowed me to focus on releasing everything new, however it will come out little by little… 😎🐙✌️