Krk Bushings and Risers


Krk Bushings and Risers


The first bushings created by Kraken Fingerboards.

They have a hardness of 80 Shore A so they are not very hard or very soft, they are right in the middle of these 2 characteristics. A loose fit can be achieved by using them without washers, an intermediate fit by using only one, and a rigid by using 2.
They are made based on urethane, a material resistant to deformation and tearing, which increases their durability.

The availability of colors is quite wide

Compatible with trucks of all brands. (Blackriver, Ytrucks, Dynamic, Undead, Tech Deck, China Trucks, Etc.)


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  • 4 Bushings
  • 4 Washers
  • 2 Risers
  • Stickers

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White&Black, White&Green, White&Blue, White&Orange, Black&Yellow